Yamaha F9.9JEL / 9.9hp outboard engine


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Yamaha F 9.9 JEL / 9.9hp outboard

9.9 hp (7.3 kW), 2 cylinders, water-cooled, displacement 212 qcm,
long shaft, remote control, electric start
Recommended transom height: 558 mm
Lake Constance approval, weight 42.6 kg.

Standard delivery Yamaha F 9.9 JEL:

  • aluminum propeller
  • 12 liter plastic tank
  • Tank line with pump ball
  • Switch box 703 (please contact us for individual installation solutions)
  • engine oil (marine oil)
  • Gear oil is already filled
  • Operating manual in German
  • warranty documents
  • CE Declaration of Conformity
  • Handover inspection was carried out by us

Our lightweight, portable powerhouse!

This Yamaha four-stroke engine impresses with its whisper-quiet operation, low fuel consumption and smooth and reliable power delivery. The CDI ignition always reliably ensures immediate starting.

Yamaha F 9.9 JEL at a glance:

  •     Large, comfortable carrying handle
  •     Standard light coil
  •     Fresh water flushing system
  •     Shallow water driving position for driving close to the bank
  •     rev limiter
  •     Start lock when in gear
  •     Audible low oil pressure alarm
  •     Easily foldable tiller handle for easy storage and portability
  •     Ergonomic design of the shift lever on the tiller handle
  •     Compact and efficient design
  •     Amazing power and plenty of torque
  •     Additional pad for convenient vertical storage


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