Yamaha F15CMHL / 15hp outboard engine


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Yamaha F15 CMHL / 15hp outboard

15 hp (11.0 kW), 2 cylinders, water-cooled, displacement 362 cm²,
long shaft, rotary gas spider, hand starter
Recommended transom height: 565 mm
Lake Constance approval, weight 53.7 kg.

Standard delivery Yamaha F15 CMHL:

  • aluminum propeller
  • 24 liter plastic tank
  • Tank line with pump ball
  • engine oil (marine oil)
  • Gear oil is already filled
  • Operating manual in English
  • warranty documents
  • CE Declaration of Conformity
  • Handover inspection was carried out by us

Small engine, big performance

This versatile Yamaha twin-cylinder 4-stroke combines power with responsiveness and smooth operation.
These engines are kind to the environment thanks to their high fuel efficiency and low emissions.

Benefit from the numerous extras that only a Yamaha outboard offers. Computer-controlled ignition, a special low-speed starting system, water-cooled fuel pump and large-bore mufflers are usually only found on larger engines. All in all, the perfect choice for tradespeople, professionals and leisure users.

Yamaha F15 CMHL at a glance:

  •     PrimeStart™ system for easy starting
  •     Powerful alternator
  •     Shallow water driving position for driving close to the bank
  •     Fresh water flushing system
  •     Robust one-piece hood
  •     Ideal strength to weight ratio
  •     Choice of manual or electric starting, depending on model
  •     Easy control with front mounted shifter
  •     Unique and economical performance with low weight
  •     Tilting system as an option
  •     Smooth manual starter for easy starting
  •     Convenient horizontal and vertical storage positions

steering resistance

The Yamaha F15 is easy to control and effortless to maneuver thanks to its wide range of functions. These range from the front-mounted shifter, to one-lever adjustment of steering and throttle friction, to a light-duty pull starter. A built-in handle on the steering console and pads on the rear make the engine even more convenient to use and easier to transport.


This Yamaha boat engine is as easy to start as a car – even when it’s cold.
The Yamaha-exclusive PrimeStart™ starting system lets the engine start as soon as you activate the electric or manual starter.


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