Suzuki 200HP 4 Stroke Outboard Motor


Displacing 175 cubic inches, Suzuki Marine’s new series of compact 200 hp outboards features inline four-cylinder blocks and boasts some cool features. I ran the new engines outside the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida on a Key West 219FS, with a single engine, and on a new Twin Vee 31 Ocean Cat with a pair 200s.

Suzuki engineered the DF200A with a 10.3:1 compression ratio, electronic fuel injection and a special hood to provide cooler air directly to the engine’s long-track tuned intake manifold. Four valves per cylinder — two intake and two exhaust – allow the engine to breathe more efficiently. Suzuki’s Lean Burn Technology optimizes the fuel-to-air mixture once you establish a cruising rpm. Knock, O2 and water-detection sensors monitor and control engine operating parameters and help prevent engine damage from poor fuel, rarified air at high-altitudes and water in the gas.

The compact nature of the inline design (versus a wider V-6 block) lends itself well to twin-engine installations on a V-hull. Secondly, the lighter mass of the DF200A (versus the V-6 version) means that you can repower older boats (originally designed for lighter two-stroke outboards) with this new generation of four-strokes.


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