2020 Mercury 125 HP OptiMax Outboard


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Mercury Marine announced it has added to its direct fuel-injected OptiMax outboard range with its first 125hp model. Weighing in at just 170kg – the same as the existing 115hp OptiMax and seven kilos lighter than the 130hp Evinrude – Mercury Marine said the new engine has an impressive power-to-weight ratio which can be used across a range of applications.

“When you experience this new engine you immediately notice the great torque it produces, which quickly lifts you up to a plane and keeps you there at lower revs,” said Ken Evans, Mercury Marine director of outboards. “This is an engine which is ideal for inshore and offshore fishing, for family runabouts, cruisers – there are a lot of applications,” he said.

Being an OptiMax, Mercury Marine said the new 125hp version delivers amazing fuel economy – up to 30 per cent better than the competition and boasts ultra-low emissions. Mercury Marine said the 1.5-litre three-cylinder 125hp Optimax is based closely on its popular 115hp sibling. “It has the same block, which is why we’ve been able to keep the weight the same, but we’ve reengineered the motor in several areas so it produces more power and more torque,” Evans added.

“It’s a very good result – low weight, powerful and economical. It’s the kind of engine a lot of people will be interested in,” said Evans.

OptiMax 125 Specifications
Cooling System:          Water-cooled with thermostat & pressure-controlled
Ignition System:           PCM 07
Starting:                       Electric
Gear Ratio:                  2.07:1
Gear Shift:                   F-N-R
Steering:                      Remote or tiller kit
Alternator:                   60-amp/756-watt belt-driven
Trim System:               Power trim
Exhaust System:          Through prop
Lubrication System:     Electronic multipoint oil injection
Recommended Oil:      Mercury OptiMax/DFI Engine Oil
Fuel Induction System: 2-stage direct fuel injection
Shaft Length:               20/25 (inches)
Shaft Length:               508/635 (mm)
Dry Weight:                 375 (lbs.)
Dry Weight:                 170 (kg.)
Warning System:          Overheat, over-rev, low oil level
SmartCraft:                  Yes
Warranty:                     3 years


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