Honda 5hp 4-stroke Outboard


Honda 5hp 4-stroke Outboard

This is a 2003 Model Honda Four-Stroke long shaft 20″ 5 hp Outboard Boat Motor. This engine is in Great condition and runs perfect. This outboard will be ideal for Lake Trolling, To use as a kicker, an emergency back up, or a sailboat motor, This is a perfect motor for the state of California or any body of water that made 2006 EPA mandates. Being that it is a 4-stroke motor the need to mix gas and oil is eliminated. This motor functions like an automobile where you change the oil on a routine basis. These motors are environmentally clean, extremely quiet, and the wave of the future since all motors made after 2006 will have to be 4 stroke. Weight of this motor is 55lbs and can be shipped throughout the usa. If you are in the Market for a 5hp 4 stroke long shaft, this is a top choice. Brand New this motor costs $1500, Imagine having the same thing for 1/2 Price! used honda 5hp 4 stroke outboard for sale


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