Yamaha 40HP F40FEHTL outboard motor


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Yamaha F 40 FEHTL / 40hp EFI outboard – example: special conversion with tiller and power trim!

This motor was combined from the F40FETL with the “Tiller” rigging kit. This is possible with all engines from 20 to 130 hp.
40 hp (29.4 kW), 3 cylinders, water-cooled, displacement 747 cm²,
long shaft, tiller, electric starter, power tilt, power trim,
recommended mirror height: 536 mm
Weight 99 kg

This engine is similar to the Yamaha F 40 FEHDL, but with power trim instead of the tipping aid of the FEHDL. There is a switch for the power trim on the tiller. The tiller has a total length of approx. 80 cm (from the mirror of the engine to the end of the tiller).

With the F40F / 40hp, safety becomes the norm.

Yamaha Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) delivers impressive high-rpm power and plenty of power and torque in the mid-range, all with class-leading economy. The PrimeStart™ system makes starting a car as easy as starting a car – and because it’s a genuine Yamaha, that means every time on the first try. You always have everything under control with the comfortable trimming and tilting system with a wide adjustment range.

Yamaha’s Y-COP system secures your engine with a remote-controlled electronic anti-theft device so you don’t have to worry.

At a glance

  • Even more efficient, even more environmentally friendly – ​​thanks to EFI
  • Compatible with Yamaha DNG digital instruments
  • PrimeStart™ system for easy starting
  • Variable trolling speed
  • Optional Yamaha electronic anti-theft device (Y-COP).
  • Trimming and tilting system with a wide adjustment range, depending on the model
  • Lever control with hydraulic tip assist, depending on model
  • Compact design and robust one-piece hood
  • Single-lever steering friction adjustment (on tiller handle models)
  • Powerful alternator
  • Shallow water driving position for driving close to the bank
  • Fresh water flushing system

Multi-point EFI system

The 30hp’s combustion process has been optimized with innovative and modern technologies, including Yamaha’s proven multi-point EFI system, which releases fewer fuel vapors. These technologies are controlled by a microcomputer that analyzes the fuel-air mixture and adjusts it for fast starting, excellent throttle response and clean and efficient combustion.

DNG digital instruments

The F30 is compatible with Yamaha’s DNG digital instruments, which enable maximum performance and efficiency by displaying various data: a multifunctional tachometer for displaying RPM, running hours, tilt angle, oil pressure, warning lights and variable speed setting, as well as a speed display and fuel management with speed, fuel level and fuel consumption.

Compact shape and robust hood in one piece

This engine is characterized by a high degree of economy. The compact ache hood not only looks strong and robust, it is. And it also helps to reduce noise. When you choose this versatile engine – with its outstanding high power/light weight ratio and elegant appearance – you will be rewarded with comfort and relaxation.

Single-lever steering friction adjustment (on tiller handle models)

This feature makes the controls more relaxed. You don’t have to constantly adjust the controls to stay on course. All you have to do is set the controls according to the sea conditions and your driving style.

Standard scope of delivery:

  • 24 l – plastic tank with connections
  • Aluminum propeller (there are several to choose from)
  • tiller
  • engine oil (marine oil)
  • Operating manual in English
  • warranty documents
  • CE declaration of conformity
  • Handover inspection in our specialist workshop


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