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Used Suzuki 15 HP DF 15ATL outboard motor

(6 customer reviews)


The outboard is delivered by us  including a delivery inspection (requirement for 3-year guarantee). The engine 
 is unpacked by us, checked and a test run is carried out. The engine oil is drained again for shipping. The engine oil for commissioning is supplied by us free of charge .

Used Suzuki 15 HP DF 15ATL outboard motor

Ergonomics and ease of use are key for the Used Suzuki 15 HP DF 15ATL outboard motor . It features a sleek, clean design with no awkward bulges to catch leashes or clothing.

The tiller handle and shifter are centrally located, with the emergency stop button integrated into the handle itself. The engine monitoring LED display is located on the front panel. A decompression device facilitates manual starting.

Engine vibration is minimized through the use of large engine mount blocks. Other features, such as electronic engine speed limitation and retarded ignition timing for smoother engine running if engine speed is reduced too quickly, are standard.

Mass weight

Shaft length (mm)                      S: 381 / L: 508 
weight (kg) DF9.9BS: 44.0
DF9.9BL: 45.0
DF9.9BRS: 47.0
DF9.9BRL: 48.0

DF15AS: 44.0
DF15AL: 45.0
DF15AES: 48.0
DF15AEL: 49.0
DF15ARS: 47.0
DF15ARL: 48.0
DF15ATL: 54.5

DF20AS: 44.0
DF20AL: 45.0
DF20AES: 48.0
DF20AEL: 49.0
DF20ARS: 47.0
DF20ARL: 48.0
DF20ATS: 52.5
DF20ATL: 54.5

bore x stroke (mm) 60.4 x 57.0
propeller dimensions 7″ – 12″

Technical specifications

engine type                                OHC
number of cylinders 2 in a row
fuel system Battery-free sequential electronic
Multipoint fuel injection system
Cubic capacity (cm 3 ) 327
Max. power in kW (hp) DF9.9B: 7.3 (9.9)
DF15A: 11.0 (15)
DF20A: 14.7 (20)
Recommended speed range (min -1 )  DF15A: 5,000 – 6,000
DF20A: 5,300 – 6,300
steering Tiller (AS / AL / BS / BL)
Tiller (AES / AEL)
Oil capacity (L) 1.0
Fuel capacity (L) 12
launch system Hand start (AS / AL / BS / BL)
Electric start with remote control box (ARS / ARL / ATL / BRS / BRL)
Electric start with tiller (AES / AEL)
ignition system Digital CDI
alternator 12V 6A (BS / BL AS / AL)
12V 12A (AES / AEL / ARS / ARL / ATL / BRS / BRL)
engine mount rubber silent blocks
trim Manual Trim & Tilt (AS / AL / ARS / ARL / BRS / BRL)
Power Tilt (ATS / ATL)
gear reduction 2.08:1
circuit VNR
Exhaust Propeller hub exhaust

6 reviews for Used Suzuki 15 HP DF 15ATL outboard motor

  1. Lydia W. Smith

    I am so happy ! great motor, good deal. regards, doug

  2. Kevin R. Bucher

    Great Motor! We have take it on the river and it brings us home safely.

  3. Vincent C. Drew

    Thanks for all your help and flexibility in getting the engine to me. It works great. We’ll be using you for all of our future engine needs. I especially appreciate your help in coordinating an overseas shipment. Good job!

  4. Carmine L. Oneal

    The motor arrived yesterday in excellent condition – thanks for the great packaging job.

  5. Patricia R. Hurt

    Running great. Plenty of power. I gave your web info to a friend. Regards,

  6. Harrison C. Thrash

    This is cruger’s son talking, im the one who is using the motor. I got the motor today August 23 and it is in good condition and worked great. It is very quiet and starts up very easily.

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