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Honda 5hp 4-stroke Outboard

(14 customer reviews)


Honda 5hp 4-stroke Outboard

This is a 2003 Model Honda Four-Stroke long shaft 20″ 5 hp Outboard Boat Motor. This engine is in Great condition and runs perfect. This outboard will be ideal for Lake Trolling, To use as a kicker, an emergency back up, or a sailboat motor, This is a perfect motor for the state of California or any body of water that made 2006 EPA mandates. Being that it is a 4-stroke motor the need to mix gas and oil is eliminated. This motor functions like an automobile where you change the oil on a routine basis. These motors are environmentally clean, extremely quiet, and the wave of the future since all motors made after 2006 will have to be 4 stroke. Weight of this motor is 55lbs and can be shipped throughout the usa. If you are in the Market for a 5hp 4 stroke long shaft, this is a top choice. Brand New this motor costs $1500, Imagine having the same thing for 1/2 Price! used honda 5hp 4 stroke outboard for sale

14 reviews for Honda 5hp 4-stroke Outboard

  1. Donna Kee

    I have yet to take this outboard to the water but I received it on time and in perfect condition from Power Equipment Direct. I am a huge Honda motor fan & I have high expectations for this motor. I can follow-up later once I have a chance to get it broken in and use it on my home waters.

  2. Helen Newman

    Very fast delivery, and it came a week earlier than estimated. The packaging was in pretty good condition.

  3. Ruth Austin

    This is a great little motor. We live on the Arkansas River and purchased it to fish near our home. We love it! It cranks easily and does not mind running at low speed if we want to putter around looking for a good fishing spot.

  4. Erika Altamirano

    This came to my door in a box, UPS delivered it to my garage (60 pounds). Once we read the manual, filled the oil and gas, and followed the instructions it took an hour to start. Since then, it usually starts on the third pull. Sometimes a few more. It gets smoother and more powerful the longer it is breaking in. It performs closer to a 10 hp than a 5 hp motor. Very good on gas. Will winterize according to the manual and hopefully will offer many years of service.

  5. Willie Brown

    I love this motor, it works great on my 16-foot Cataraft, for running rivers, or trolling fishing. I purchased an extra prop in case I hit a rock river running. I also installed a river prop protector.

  6. Brett Voorhees

    Once I read the manual, I was off and running. I love this product.

  7. John Kennell

    Exactly what I needed. Great product!

  8. Faye Holt

    It runs great and starts on the first pull. It’s an excellent motor.

  9. Todd Ingram

    A great little motor. It’s easy to start, quiet and great on gas.

  10. Gerard Carrasco

    A fantastic motor. It starts and runs flawlessly. Great service guys. I ordered Sunday night, and the motor arrived on Wednesday. I should have bought one of these years ago. I couldn’t be happier.

  11. Margaret Hughes

    I purchased this outboard with the plan to pair it with an inflatable dinghy. After the 10 hours required break-in, I have to say I am very impressed with this little motor. It’s very quiet and so easy to start. As someone who’s never owned an outboard, it’s dang near foolproof provided you read the instructions!

    Like most Honda’s I’ve ever owned, it can be a little cold-blooded after sitting for 2 weeks, but it always starts within 5 pulls and runs well. Use high-quality gasoline and follow the break-in instructions and you’ll never have a problem. Big shout out to PED, they shipped it right to my house in under a week, no hassle with freight or needing a loading dock.

  12. Dianne Watkins

    I’ve only had a very few hours running time so far, so it is difficult to provide a strong, well-supported opinion. So far, it has performed very well, starting quickly idling and running well for the limited time it has been run, perhaps four hours or so.

  13. Carla Hughes

    I love the Honda 5HP outboard motor. My family and I enjoy the power and quiet of engine. Thank you.

  14. Deborah Darwin

    It starts like a dream, one pull runs great. What more can I say? That’s why I bought a Honda.

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