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Yamaha FT9.9LEX / T 9.9hp outboard motor

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Yamaha FT 9.9 LEX / T 9.9hp outboard

The Yamaha FT9.9LEX has been replaced by the Yamaha FT9.9LEPX. This also has a power tilt. The FT9.9LEX is no longer available.

9.9 hp (7.3 kW), 2 cylinders, water-cooled, displacement 212 qcm,
extra long shaft, remote control, electric starter, Lake Constance approval, thrust motor / high thrust
Recommended mirror height: 620 mm
Weight 45.5 kg.

Standard delivery Yamaha FT 9.9 LEX:

  • aluminum propeller
  • 12 liter plastic tank
  • Tank line with pump ball
  • Switch box 703 (please contact us for individual installation solutions)
  • engine oil (marine oil)
  • Gear oil is already filled
  • Operating manual in German
  • warranty documents
  • CE Declaration of Conformity
  • Handover inspection was carried out by us

Yamaha FT 9.9 LEX at a glance

  • Special gear reductions for more thrust
  • Dual thrust propellers – for full thrust in both forward and reverse
  • Compact and efficient design
  • Amazing power and plenty of torque
  • CDI ignition
  • Powerful alternator
  • Shallow water driving position for driving close to the bank
  • Fresh water flushing system

Special gear reductions for more thrust

The FT engines are purpose-built to provide greater thrust and torque than conventional engines. Their special gear ratio prevents cavitation and propeller slip. They work in combination with other unique features to provide the ideal power source for boats where towing capability is more important than top speed.

Dual thrust propellers for maximum performance in both forward and reverse

The special propellers installed in the FT models not only have a larger diameter, but also a low pitch to maximize thrust in forward and – by redirecting the exhaust flow – also in reverse. This provides better manoeuvrability, which is especially helpful when steering heavier boats


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